PA Interhash


A good beaver resting spot next to the pool…

Here ye, here ye! Calling all Pennsylvania hashers and travel hashers!

Are you hot for Beaver?

You are? SO are we!

Join your fellow PA half-minds in Beaver Falls at the 2017 PA Interhash,  March 24 – 26, 2017!

So all you lucky beavers and beaver-lovers…

Rego is $120 per person and is capped at 200 hashers.

What cums with your “Hot For Beaver” weekend pass? So many things…

Well, beer. And lots of beavers, we’ll be in Beaver Falls so unless the name is a lie there should be beavers falling everywhere. The town is just lousy with beavers. So we hear.

Rego includes: beer for 3 days, Friday dinner, trail beer, Saturday post-hash buffet, Saturday dinner, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday (with your room), amazing Beaver entertainment, busing to trails, Hot Beaver Dance Party, and beaver haberdashery!  ALSO THERE IS A POOL. And a jacuzzi. And an indoor playground. And a pool table. The 50 rooms in this photo are surrounding the pool-jacuzzi-playground atrium room and are reserved for hashers-only.


Hasher Hotel Paradise in Western PA in March!

The great, big indoor swimming pool is perfect for all of the beavers and people who find any beavers on trail or feel like building a dam. Oh, also, it’s Moon’s 70th birthday! (For real!) Make Moon happy and come to a great big beaver party. Your hotel room is on you and as many hashers (or beavers) you want to stack in a room like cordwood.(4 to a room officially)

Click on-on foot to rego!

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If you can’t rego on-line please email J-Walker at: and/or download the rego form by clicking HERE that you can mail to J-Walker with your check. Thank you!

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PA Interhash, Inc. is a Pennsylvania Incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. The corporation’s charter is to support amateur running through hashing by holding an event for member hashing clubs every other year. For additional event or corporate information please contact Eric H Begole.

Eric H Begole, P.O. Box 40230, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201, Email: